Monday, April 20, 2009

I suppose opening the shop at 6 am (waking at 5) is enough of an excuse to sit on the computer messing around for at least a solid half hour while on the clock. What a terrible employee.

KDHX got my morning started right, playing wire, the replacements, and iggy and the stooges.
I will continue to rock out here for a while before I have to drive to St. Charles for the funeral. When I told my boss I couldn't work my regular shift my reasoning for really needing off was "This funeral is really only going to happen once for this person."

The copyrights are coming! May 9th. May 7th is American Cheeseburger, and I'm still trying to talk Jacob into letting KKM play. hah. Those dudes would love it. Sack Lunch recorded with Ben at The Anchor this past weekend. Listened to the recordings, which are good and Sack Lunch is starting to sound like a legitimate band (and I mean this in an impressed, proud way.)

The squirrels have stolen my biggest zucchini plant, so i have to start all over. One of my pepper plants is also gone. Peas, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli are doing okay. And my sunflowers, zinnias, and foxglove are all coming up. Becca and I were commenting on how the yard is really coming together. Bees, a raised bed, rows of flower plantings, and some planters filled along with the fire pit I dug. I am hoping to harvest enough from my meager garden to eat some, share some, and can some.

Local Harvest has been holding classes on what is essentially urban homesteading. They are free to employees which is even better. Classes like making butter, making yogurt, composting, and growing herbs. This is funny because I;ve been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and she is a very back to tradition woman where connecting to your food chain is involved.
One thing I did not like in her book was a section written by her daughter Camille about nutrition. It was not a direct attack on vegetarianism or veganism, but she very clearly thinks that meat, in moderation is best. Her argument towards a healthier lifestyle was that vegans and vegetarians lack nutrients in their diets that come from animal sources, therefore they must take manufactured supplements to remain healthy. Now moderation is always important, but animals do not have to be a part of the equation. A solid mixture of grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein sources can keep a florivore healthy without supplements. I personally have been tested for deficiencies and have none, without taking a multivitamin. The other thing is that most people's food choices are a lot worse even with moderate meat intake than a vegan's would be by taking a man-made vitamin.
Her book has increased my dis-like, and discomfort with soy based products though. I am already leery of eating a lot of processed soy goods, and now I will be even more conscious of all the different manufactured foods that contain commodity grown soybeans and product.

Next month is My, Ken, and Thimble Cake's one year anniversary of being in love. I am going to bake them a cat pie.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

to correct the post from last time we were at Delux. Thanks The Shadow.

I saw Jason, Anne, and Doug's new band Medical Tourists. Really good.
They and Maximum Effort played Apop for record store day.

Becca painted the hives, and yesterday the bees moved in. It was really exciting.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh wow

what a week.
Who is this woman who has moved into my skin? Its a good thing all in all. Being easy going is way more fun than being a tight ass.

Sunday was a benefit at off broadway for Johnny Vegas. Clara convinced me to go out with her and how could I resist? Jacob, Luc, Ryan, and I headed to her house to get started then went to off broadway. Patty Bo Bo and Valentine were there. A lot of dancing, some ass pinching. All around hilarious antics.

The mass hysteri show must have been before that, but it was incredibly fun.

Thursday was the FBC's Aprilween. It poured rain all day but I was not about to let that stop me. Clara and I had worked hard all Wednesday on out coordinating costumes as the birds and the bees. So Becca and I rode to ryans where everyone met up. It wasn't raining and didn't rain until we were in Maplewood and about 1/4 mile from our destination. I stayed at the galaxy way too late considering I had to work at 7 am. Mr. Little Danzig the great was spinnin records and that was fun. We danced until close and surprisingly just as I was about to head back to benton park from maplewood it began raining. All the way home. And did I mention that I had a cough at the beginning of the night? So now I am sick. boo.

Easter was amazing fun. Everyone acted ridiculous and Emma was dressed as a zombie and we went over to hear donnie and larry and connie jam and play some bluegrass and folk music. As an adult I still got an easter "basket" in the form of a giant terra cotta planter and some more flower seeds and a soaker hose. too nice.

Burrito loco date tonight!

I am reading Barabra Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle, which is amazing. More wide eyed truths about the poison we call food. Ah, to recall a time when I had ignorance and enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh wow, how can jammin out to journey on the radio put me in such a good mood? or maybe it's been the hang out sessions that make me feel a little less like punching the world...

tonight is Mass Hysteri at the Wedge with maximum effort, glass teeth, and joe's new band. The name escapes me.

it snowed and then melted, rained and then stopped. Now it's just wonderful. I have a hair appointment at my sister's new salon tomorrow , which is exciting for her!

FBC is having aprilween on the 9th. amazing. I think everyone has decided to go as coyotes. haha

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Patty Bo Bo and I saw Gomorrah. It was really intensely dark and depressing.
why do people laugh at scenes that are so startlingly tragic in small ways? it's not funny, you're just uncomfortable with reality.
Europe is constantly romanticized... people forget that they create evil too.

i love making mix tapes

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Clara made some rad pickled horseradish root at work.
All my vegan key lime and coconut cream cheese cupcakes sold out today!

I guess I have to think up a new idea now.

I built my frame for my raised garden bed and will be getting free soil and compost this weekend.

Patty Bo Bo got into Temple. I am so proud of him!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's really spring!

I thought I saw a butterfly the other day, and then convinced myself I must have been mistaken. But today I saw another butterfly floating across my backyard, and a fat honey bee circled my cats.
I realized I could probably sit and watch my cats interact with one another forever. they really are beautiful creatures.

Condominium was really good but the show was super terrible. Jessica and I talked to Kim for a while, and she's real neat. Nineteen year old girls should not own houses though.

I made wheat tortillas today and garlic hummus. Cooked up some tempe with some of Zing's all sauce.

we will start doing yoga in tower grove next week, which is really exciting.