Wednesday, October 15, 2008

really busy. too many phone calls. so much planning.

Teenage Bottlerocket adventure maximum in Carbondale tomorrow. And I didn't even have to skip outta work!

I have a new head of hair that looks pretty rad. Tessie did a fine job.

Last night was the FBC fiasco. I think I probably rode at least 30 miles by the end of the night.

I finally booked the Film fest for Monday. It was a close call. now I have to convince these STL cheapskates to fork out 8 bucks for some really good shit.

alright, thats it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mom thinks I have diabetes

Diabetes? How on earth will I bake and then consume an entire batch of treats if I have diabetes? I think it's anemia. But last time I had my blood tested they told me I didn't. So who knows. I probably just need a break. I need one week of someone else calling the shots and me being completely content with it. Hiking? Camping? Sitting on someones porch or driving around? I don't care. I just want to relax.

My friend is writing a paper for college about young people reverting back to simplified living. She does not however, want to focus on the fact that it is so obviously a trend. She asked me why I think people currently crave less technology. Honestly I don't think people do. It's one more thing to buy and sit on a coffee table looking neat.
So here is what I think happened. A long time ago people lived in a really basic way. They had what they needed and not much more. This is because we didn't actually have the technology to become so consumed by consuming. So we started to advance in science and medicine and machines. Some people continued to hold onto their roots. They understood that they didn't need a bunch of stuff. These people, like farmers and the Amish and native Americans, passed on their values to their children.
We reach a little bit more modern day lifestyle and we have some hardcore environmentalists and some real animal lovers etc and they pick up on the idea that moderation is really best. They practice this where ever they live. Subcultures like "anarchists" etc. pick up on these ideas of staying in touch with nature, taking only what you need and giving back, making, with your own hands, what you need.. they take these values and twist them to meet their own needs. Business men see this happening. Business men see room for growth, room for profit and gradually create a trend. All of a sudden people miraculously realize that this earth can not sustain human life, and most likely no life, at the rate of destruction we are at. "green" becomes the biggest buzz word to hit this nation. People start buying. With all of this good for the earth minimalist ingredients i am simple marketing comes the hipster. Business men know to target young people with their trends. it works. So now we have a wave sweeping over the nation and kids are buying typewriters and buying handmade silk screened tee shirts with pictures of cassette tapes on them. They are buying fixed gear bicycles and loft apartments with hardly anything in them. Owning things that exemplify simplicity does not make you an earth conscious person. does not make you aware. does not mean you know minimization. Most people these days don't understand why minimal technology is important. plus, they use technology to buy their Henry David Thoreau books and their organic cotton bedsheets. I sit here using a computer(mind you I walked to the library to use it.). I have a cell phone in my bag. I understand that our advancement in technology is destroying this planet, and destroying us. It's a trend. That's all you can do to explain it. Sorry friend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's been awhile

I have so very many things to say, and if I said them aloud it would sound more like screaming. It's all been heard before.

I've had so many conversations these past few days about the economy, about the presidential race, about how fucked things are. Can't say I'm surprised. Can't say that anything will change or help or be the "lesser evil", because it's all just stalling. the decline is going to be slow and painful, the people will vote to save whatever they can while they can, and while in the past (and even a little currently) I have very frighteningly looked forward to this, I also can't say I want the whole idiotic nation to go to shit at once. I need to procure some land first.

I am looking forward to gardening in an actual yard. and perhaps being able to compost etc, once I move!

Good Luck is playing here on the 17th. They played Berea fest and were really good. I honestly didn't want to like them because Ginger was in One Reason and they played at the skullfuckeree a couple years ago and everyone in that band was so rude because I made them vegan pancakes for dinner and they didn't like that or something. Despite that, I am still looking forward to seeing them.

The 23rd is Lemuria and that's pretty freaking cool. I think they are playing with Robert Blake? but I might be mistaken.

And on the 21st is Fucked Up. They put on a fucking incredible show last year. And godfodder is on this show for I believe their first show since Pat returns!

that is all.