Saturday, January 31, 2009

went to art opening with ryan last night - Locusts and Honey. 1700 Malaysian? cicadas and many grasshoppers and leaf bugs all pinned to the walls looking like quilts. It was amazing. We went to Schlafly Bottleworks afterward and it was pretty good.

although what she was exhibiting mostly were cicadas, and locusts are different than cicadas. That annoyed me a bit. oh well. it was awesome

Thursday, January 29, 2009

on a side note...

I baked a vegan cheesecake with cranberries, sucanat, and pecans on top. I brought it to my parents so I wouldn't eat it all.

My sister cut my hair and now I feel like my hair has split personalities. One side can get me a date with a frat boy, the other side is for picking up truckers at rest stops or a crusty at the next melodic hardcore show. It's as they say in the cosmetology world "edgy". sweet dude.

I am reading Eddy L. Harris's memoir Mississippi Solo.
We played in the snow on Tuesday and it was awesome. The city is still like a war zone which is pretty great. I love seeing people hike down Gravois, walking through the street with a shovel in hand. We went to taco Tuesday at the deacon and when we left Jacob body slammed me on the sidewalk then proceeded to drag me into the middle of Chippewa. I have never been in the middle of Chippewa for more time than it takes to cross the street. That's how dead the city was. We went to Tower Grove and played inside a tree and ran across the pond and put on a musical when I was once again tackled and chipped a bit off my front tooth. We then went to Forest Park and met up with some folks. The sledding on art hill was fantastic. A giant party. Every hoosier for miles collected there to stand around trash can fires, drinking beer and acting like maniacs. Oh st. Louis, my love for you grows ever stronger.
We h d rap practice yesterday. On Valentines day we're having a birthday party for Valentine at the DeTonty house and a live KKM rap show. It will be amazing.

If anyone knows of any good cross Missouri hiking trails let me know. I am trying to decide on a route for my backpacking trip this summer. Maybe St. Louis to Kansas City? who knows. It's going to be great though.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its blizzarding

Snow Snow Snow!

I hope to play in it later.

I have been thinking about this thing for a few days. There are a lot of soap boxes that I tend to stand on but this is one I will not back down from. The molestation of children is an issue to be taken seriously and it is terribly disgusting to ignore, make light of, or all out exploit this issue. Now a lot of statistics are bullshit and that's a fact but 1 in 4 little girls are sexually abused by a man they know and often times trust. I think people tend to push this fact from their minds or maybe they don't know it to begin with. And there is a major issue in this culture with neglecting to hear what children say as truth.

one more thing. NPR was going on and on about how graduates of business schools are having a hell of a time finding work. I say good. Go learn a useful skill. Learn to help people and animals and nature. Anyone who goes to school for business is obviously very selfish. Going to school to learn to advance their own situation and theirs alone. I hope your family regrets spending money on your crap education.

the end.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A busy weekend ahead. Tonight Jake and I might go see the Militant Bingo Propaganda Machine, put on by the Non Prophet Theatre Co. Tomorrow Patty Bo Bo's new band is playing at the Iron Barley and Sunday is not only the classic bike show and swap meet but yoga classes starting at work and Social Circkle. The events to unfold may blow my mind. so watch out.

I'm currently seated directly above Jacob's new band, who are jamming for maybe the first time. I just want to watch Planet Earth but that probably won't happen unless I can scrounge up some headphones.

I had an orange and a lara bar for after yoga tonight, but ended up sharing half my orange. I am hungry. boo hoo.

My fortune cookie said that "a pleasant surprise awaits you". where's my damn surprise?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

today was beautiful. I walked to the library. we shot a bb gun off my roof, went to crown candy (yum chocolate covered oreos), and then i rode my bike. damn February. we should just skip it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new dude

my work closed down for about forty five minutes today. We shuffled across the street, to the grocery, popped open some beer and watched the inauguration on a t.v. my boss brought in. It was pretty silly. At first I was happy for all the minorities because this, I thought, was at least an advancement for them. It was a "hopeful" time for anyone ever discriminated against, even though I damn well know it's all the same. But after today, more than ever, I realize that all these white folks elected a black man to save them, because the dude before him did a shit job, and now they're desperate.

also a woman came to my work and asked if our bacon was humanely raised before slaughter. i wanted to sock her one. that is impossible. It is impossible to raise a creature into adulthood only intending to murder it for your own benefit.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

winter is crazy

These last few day have been nuts. I mean exhausting. I mean really exciting? Nope. I baked a bunch more carrot cake cupcakes at work and I think that by the time i baked up a batch of blueberry with blueberry cream cheese frosting I had 3 of the fore mentioned cupcakes passed onto me and I might have eaten all 3. Can't quite remember. So I cut the shit out of my thumb at work on Tuesday, blood everywhere. I was promising my boss that I had been tested and was clean as my blood got all over his hands while trying to bandage me. Real classy Molly. so I went out and spent like 25 bucks buying some freaking iodine and bandages and whatnot and went home to clean it but had no water. So I fed my cats in a fit of rage and headed over to Ryan's to clean it. We were watching tears of the black tiger (which has some amazing deaths and beautiful colors) when I found out how I could once again have running water. Sped over and paid it, my night went on with red dwarf and woody Allen. So then yesterday i got really freaked out about infection and persuaded Ryan to drive me to the urgent care place where they turned me away. We proceeded on to Barnes. We got to the ER and both of us had knives on us so we had to g back out to the car and put them away to get through security. Came back and they confiscated my mace. Then we waited in the ER for probably 3 1/2 hours for me to find out that I didn't need stitches, just a tetanus shot. Ryan is very nice to have waited there with me. Then we didn't have enough money to pay for parking so we just gave the lady what we had.

Later there were bike races at the cowboy which were really fun.

man am I tired now.
Dios Mio and the Sinks at the black lodge tonight.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Updated new Year

New Year's Eve was a blast. I didn't really feel like going out considering the fact that I was fighting off illness trying to invade my body, but I'm glad I did. Patrick came over and we dashed over to off Broadway as the Madonna cover band was playing. Took 5 minutes to get from the door to the bar and another 10 before we found our friends. Madonna cover band was okay, but the Monads doing a whole DEVO cover set... AMAZING. They did mongoloid and gates of steel and ended with whip it which was disappointing but still extraordinary fun! some jerk with a girlfriend was all over me, 3 times, and I was a little unnerved, oh well. Then a Huey Lewis and the News cover band played, not ass exciting. Midnight came, champagne flew, got made out with by surprise (yick) and then Beth posed the question "How many people contracted herpes in the new year?" and I freaked. We left that joint and headed to the Deacon to see Jacob. Two more creepers there then we went to Courtesy where a skinhead hit on me. God what luck. I dropped my blasted friends off and headed home, getting in no later than 3am.
And today I became my own worst enemy in terms of huge Hippocratic dumb asses and bought a new (used) car. Tired of mine blowing smoke from the hood into my lungs and the earth.