Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve. I have already fought both my sisters. One such incident involved me throwing a roll of tape at Tessie's head. It bounced off and broke so i was unsatisfied and they thought it was hilarious. I am kinda cranky but we made up for it by watching Jizz in my pants and laughing a lot. My father wants to grow a goatee. I think it's the lack of work days and desire to look "cool" combined. So off to grandmas house in a bit. I guess it looks like the gang will be meeting up for our annual Christmas Eve night Denny's pow-wow afterward. It's not like I don't see any of those guys basically everyday but we need at least a few hours away from the family even on Christmas Eve. It's great. We drink shitty coffee and share tales from our nights.

I baked many treats for Christmas but I am giving them all away.

Jacob and I took out 3rd annual Christmas photos this week. They will be posted somewhere on this great big Internet sometime soon.

Merry Christmas Jerks

Friday, December 19, 2008


man, the holidays are nuts.

those are some cupcakes I made for work.
... and me slicing some cheese I guess.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm adult

I guess I;m going to be a real live grown adult and do the responsible thing. Fuuuuuuuck. I wish I didn't give a shit, but I do. So I'm staying home instead of going on tour with godfodder. Too many bills, too many sick and wormy cats, too many dizzy spells and nauseous moments to not pay up, to not visit vets, to not see a doctor. Yay responsibility! Maybe I will take another trip. Or maybe I'll just buy a new 2009 calendar. A neat one from left bank books that I've been wanting. Or I could afford to get that new tattoo I've been thinking about getting. No matter what, not spending 10 days on the east coast will be cheaper than calendars or tattoos. Ryan did promise me a good ole adventure when he gets back to make up for my loss.
Today is my sister's birthday. So we are going out to dinner. I am scared to think about what I might possibly be able to eat. probably end up with a salad. oh well. okay, i checked their menu online. Lots o deep fried vegetarian options. will do, no cheese.
I wanted to make more godfodder rap songs tonight, but I will be spending a delightful evening on the homestead.